Mastering Google AdWords

3-Day Session

Prepare for and pass the Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam in one comprehensive Google AdWords™ training course.

Mastering Google AdWords training is a way to improve your skills and pass the Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam quickly without having to go through weeks of self-study materials or decipher the Google lingo.

Whether you are a career marketer or small business owner, this comprehensive Google AdWords training course will teach you to be more efficient and effective in setting up and running Google AdWords campaigns. In three days you will learn how to achieve higher return on investment (ROI) for your business.


Key skills you’ll learn in AdWords Certification Training:

  • Research and evaluate which keywords your competitors use
  • Incorporate keywords into your web copy to rank higher and drive more traffic
  • Save AdWords campaign money by learning about negative keywords
  • Use paid search to find buyers—not just leads
  • Build a Google AdWords campaign from start to finish
  • Get more clicks on your ads using bidding strategies and the Quality Score
  • Use the Google Display Network within AdWords
  • Use Remarketing in a way that works for your organization
  • Analyze your campaigns to get the most out of your AdWords Budget
  • Write more compelling ad text to draw more customers in
  • Prepare for and pass the Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam—your first step towards becoming a Google Certified Professional
  • Effectively target your ads to get them seen by the right people in the right places

You’ll gain experience in…

  • Incorporating Google AdWords into your current marketing efforts
  • Creating and editing targeted pay-per-click campaigns
  • Getting the most out of your campaigns and budgets with account optimization skills—don’t waste clicks or impressions
  • Creating compelling ads to drive better clickthrough rates
  • Tracking your performance so you know what’s working and what’s not
  • Analyzing a campaign and find how to get more out of the budget, campaign, ad groups and ads