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Discover which campaigns are producing the most leads.


According to HubSpot's recently released survey - Less than 25% of marketers are reporting how campaigns are impacting revenue.



Lead Gen Dashboards For Every Project

Building Lead Gen Dashboard Boards That Automatically Work On Every Device. 

The  survey data tells us that a very low number are even reporting revenue and ROI to management, 

It's somewhat hard to believe given how easy it seems to be to build out marketing & more specifically lead gen dashboards. 

This is a high level overview of the process we use to create a lead gen dashboard. 


Step 1: Ensure Lead Data Is Being Tracked

The first step is to get to a point where we are satisfied that we've optimized or fixed the process of gathering the lead data and that the appropriate tracking is now in place (we = you and me). 


Step 2: Whiteboarding the layout of data boxes (hence the name) :) 

We look at a few of the templates I've created for the different scenarios I've come across in the past, market segments as an example. 

Step 3: Ensure access to 3rd Party Tracking Tools

We connect Google Analytics, Google Search Console and HubSpot CRM tools in order to build out the lead gen dashboard. We also make sure to have all the correct image assets and colors correct as we can personalize the reporting to some extent.. 

There are a few other smaller steps in the process leading up to using the tool that I won't bore you with, but at this point we can venture to databox and feel confident we will be able to start and finish building out out lead gen dashboard in 1 sit down. 


An example of a lead board template that is used on B2B lead gen accounts. 

Lead Gen Dashboard Example


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Step 1 - Selecting A Template 



Step 2: We Connect The Data



Step 3: Reporting The Results

Looping Dashboards

It even includes a customized backend dashboard for every project

It's so much more than just a dashboard though. 

Included in my realtime marketing dashboards are every marketer's dream.  These include: 

  • Daily & weekly scorecards 

  • Goal setups & tracking

  • Custom alerts & insights 

  • Ability to add multiple data streams

  • Calculated metrics

  • Customized query builder

    And more... 

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