What Is Inbound Sales?

The Inbound sales methodology provides your sales team with the ability to give your customers what they truly want, not just close a deal in the shortest amount of time. An inbound salesperson goes above and beyond to find individual buyers needs, goals, challenges and interests in order to get the job done. This allows for actual guidance during the buyers’ decision-making process without the pushy salesperson mentality we’ve seen over and over again.

 The Alignment of Inbound Sales and Marketing

Your marketing team is busy gathering countless information while creating the right content during the early lead generation process, but what’s it all for, if the information and content can’t be used to close a deal? This is where the alignment of your Sales and Marketing teams through inbound comes to play. Aligning both teams provides sales with the same information and technology that your marketing team has already gathered. This puts every sales team member in the perfect position to see who a qualified lead is, where they are in the buyers’ decision-making process, and how to guide them to that final step of making the sale.


Your sales teams efficiency will be through the roof when provided with the right tools. Most importantly they'll no longer be seen as that pushy salesperson who no one wants to talk to. They're now seen as informational individuals who provide relevant content and guidance to a customer when they want it, not the same old sales shpeal.

Are you struggling to get your sales and marketing teams on the same page?


The Difference Between Inbound & Outbound Sales

Outbound - cold calls, trade shows, purchased lists, radio/tv commercials, etc

Inbound - Pulling interested prospects to you and qualifying them based on their need