Search Engine Optimization with JeremySaid

SEO Basic

  • Identify high-level issues impacting your onsite, offsite and local SEO
  • Document top-performing keywords
  • High-level keyword research
  • Creation of basic SEO strategy document

$2000 / Sprint

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SEO Advanced

  • Identify high and medium-level issues impacting SEO
  • Document top-performing keywords
  • In-depth keyword research
  • Creation of SEO strategy
  • Basic Competitor Research Report

SEO Master

  • Identify all onsite, offsite and local issues
  • Creation of an SEO Master Plan
  • Competitor Research Report
  • Document top-performing keywords
  • Complete keyword research
  • Content Optimization Report

Custom / Sprint

Coming Soon

The Details

Identifying all onsite, offsite and local SEO issues facing your website. This is important if you want search engines, and by default your customers, to find your website and products easily

Creation of an SEO Master Plan tailored to your issues and business goals. Every business is unique in it’s combination of products, customers, and delivery channels. We’ll identify where and how to continue SEO the improvement of these channels

Wondering if you’re missing any keywords opportunities? We can help. Our methods involve thorough research and documentation of all the keywords you currently rank on the first page for, and all the low-hanging fruit you can immediately target.

Competitor Research is key if you want to stay competitive. Using our tools, we can see what your competitors are ranking for and if you are missing any opportunities.

Document your top-performing keywords. This is a necessity for any solid SEO plan because it allows you to track progress while implementing tests. Without baselines and good record keeping, how do you know your content optimizations are even working? No one likes wasting money.

Content Optimization is important, but often overlooked. This is a vital piece of SEO that can have a major impact, we know. We recently went back and re-optimized our content based on keyword research and opportunities, doubling our traffic to our 25 test pages, with a 100% increase in rankings for our target keywords. We’ll show you how to do the same.