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Marketing Automation refers to the tools and methods used to automate many of the processes that focus on nurturing your leads. And while that sounds simple enough, don’t be fooled. In fact, the world of MA can be a vastly complicated and expensive one, especially for startups and small businesses who are presented with the added challenge of attaining manageable growth.


Luckily, JeremySaid simplifies this world for you by breaking down MA into a set of easy-to-understand processes that tie back into your overall business goals.


How do we do it?




A large part of how we deliver our MA services revolves around Hubspot. Not only are we a Hubspot Agency Partner, but we rely on Hubspot’s platform for our own MA and CRM efforts.


Inbound Marketing


Hubspot also coined the term Inbound Marketing and invented the Inbound methodology. It’s the idea that customers can be won, not through convincing them or selling to them, but rather nurturing them with relevant content that gives a brand a high level of subject-matter authority, and thus builds trust before the prospect decides to buy.


At JeremySaid, our MA services are guided by the Inbound Methodology. This combined with Hubspot’s tools can help create an effective inbound strategy for your business.


Lead Lifecycle Stages


Defining leads based on their readiness to buy or their familiarity with your brand is what lead lifecycle stages are all about. As a part of our MA services, we help define these stages for you and create processes that automatically assign your contacts to different stages as they interact with your site and content.


With Lifecycle Stages, you can track which of your customers are, for example, ready to receive an exclusive offer email, or see a variation of a webpage that guides them to a different call-to-action vs other visitors.


Lead Capture and Conversion


As part of our MA services, we can help set up various lead capturing and conversion mechanisms as well as optimize any existing ones you may have. These include but are not limited to:


  • Landing pages
  • Contact Me forms
  • Newsletter forms
  • Gated content forms
  • Calls-to-action
  • Conversion funnels


Our goal is simple: convert more of your site visitors into qualified leads. Through setting up these mechanisms, tracking and reporting on their effectiveness, and constant, data-driven optimization, we can and will attain that goal.


Email Campaigns


Many believe email is an outdated marketing tactic, but we believe it’s vital to any lead nurturing campaign…when used correctly. What many fail to realize is that basic batch and blast sending simply doesn’t cut it. With the advent of inbound marketing and personalization across every channel, emails must be segmented and targeted based on contact data in order to be effective.


“Personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14%, and conversion rates by 10%.” -The Aberdeen Group


For clients with Hubspot, we can set up email campaigns, automate their sending triggers in Hubspot workflows, and consult on best practices.




Content is King! Yes it’s an overused adage, but one that certainly rings true. Content is the fuel that powers the inbound methodology and lead nurturing. Think about it, if you offer a service in a crowded market (which is most service providers these days), how do you stand out and get site visitors to come back for more? Useful and educational content like ebooks, infographics, and a good blog builds trust between your brand and your leads and allows you to become the subject-matter experts in their eyes.


While we are not designers or writers here at JeremySaid, we can help research what type of content is effective in your market, how to rank your content in searches, and how to set up different types of content within a conversion funnel that guides different segments of leads towards a particular action.


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