What is Lead Generation?


Sure, the concept of lead generation is pretty straightforward: attract visitors and turn them into customers. But at JeremySaid, our definition of lead gen is so much more, because for each and every business the challenge is different. For your business, a lead isn’t just a random stranger, it’s someone looking to solve a particular problem and hopefully a problem that you can help with.


So yeah, getting more random strangers to your site is a great first step, but how do you get a random stranger to become a happy customer of your particular goods or services? Better yet, how do you track that journey and optimize it?


Well, that’s where we come in.


At JeremySaid, Lead Generation is the process of attracting the right visitors, nurturing them into highly qualified leads, and ultimately converting them into happy customers, all the while tracking and reporting on each and every step.


So How Exactly Do We Do It?


We break down our lead generation services into three distinct offerings:


  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Marketing Automation
  3. Reporting and Dashboards


Attract through SEO


SEO is a science, and sometimes a complicated one. We take the guesswork out with a proven research process that’s been perfected by over a decade of experience solving for Google. From there, we build a custom optimization strategy that is tailored for your brand, ranking for keywords that we know your ideal visitors are searching.


The results? Ranking higher in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) across more relevant searches, increasing traffic to your site.


On average, our clients see a 30% increase in organic site traffic….in the first month!


Nurture and Close through Marketing Automation


Again, it’s not enough to simply get more eyeballs on your site. Turning visitors into customers is the goal, but this takes time, tact, and the appropriate tools to accomplish. This is where our Marketing Automation services come in.


Marketing Automation refers to the tools and methods used to automate many of the processes that focus on nurturing your leads. Here’s a list of just some of the marketing automation services we either implement or consult on for our clients:


  • Contact Segmentation
  • Lead Lifecycle Stages
  • Landing Page Setup and Optimization
  • Email Campaigns
  • Calls-To-Action
  • Content Optimization
  • Cross-Channel Workflows


Additionally, we are a Hubspot Agency Partner. This means we can implement and consult on Hubspot’s CRM/All-in-one marketing automation suite for your business! But while we certainly would recommend Hubspot, we are happy to work with any existing tools you may utilize.


Review and Optimize with Reporting


At JeremySaid, we don’t do anything–ANYTHING–unless we can capture data on it, report on that data, and use said reporting to make changes if needed. It just so happens that we do the exact same thing for our clients.


Google Analytics:


For many businesses, the big “GA” is an intimidating subject. We find that many marketers have GA setup completely wrong. Little do they know, valuable data is either being blocked, lost in vanity metrics or is right in front of them but they just don’t know it.


Leave it to the experts. Through years of experience, we have a tried and true method for setting up GA that allows us to see site data that’s most important for your business goals, not vanity metrics that provide little to no insight.


Custom Dashboards:


Now imagine for a second a world where reports from all of your various tools and platforms existed in one neat, easy to interpret, and actionable dashboard….now open your eyes. Welcome to our world! As a JeremySaid client, you get access to a custom reporting dashboard created by yours truly. No more piecing the puzzle together, trying to gather data and insights from multiple sources. We will build you a dashboard that answers the questions that drive the needle.

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