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Inbound Marketing



Inbound Marketing 

Does Your Inbound Marketing Strategy Clearly Define Your Implementation Roadmap? 

When it comes down to it, most companies and marketers we talk to struggle with tactical implementation. Not from a lack of knowing what to do, but a lack of prioritization which leads to a lackluster implementation and poor results. 

What to do first, second, third, etc.  Often times we wind up working in a silo focusing on tactics while disregarding the end to end solution. 

There is never a lack of "things to do" to get results. The problem arises from either a lack of strategy or a lack of direction.  In both cases, marketers wind up questioning what is working and what isn't.  What to do first because it will have the largest impact.  

When you start to peel back the onion, the problem typically boils down to a lack of results in 1 of the following 3 areas. 

1. Incoming traffic and needing more of it 
2. Either converting more traffic to leads
3. Plenty of leads, just not enough sales. 

As inbound marketers, we’re constantly creating and promoting content to attract prospective customers. In the midst of that ongoing work, however, sometimes it also makes sense to run a concentrated inbound marketing campaign.



Which of the following areas are you having the most trouble with? 


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Ready To Dive Right in? 

Use one of our Inbound Marketing campaign templates that we use every time we are approached about helping with a campaign. 
Regardless of what phase you are in with your campaign, or if you feel like you are drowning and can't seem to catch your breathe, download this template, use it as a checklist and regain your sanity. 
It's easy to get bogged down in all the details. Whether its strategy, implementation or promotion, each phase has crucial components to review in order to be successful. 


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Our Inbound Solution

How Our Inbound Program Works  

We understand that we are different (in a good way), extremely thorough in our due diligence and often find ourselves on the technical side of the house waving our analytics flag. 

The end to end solution is so extensive that we've dedicated an entire page that goes through the in's and out's of our inbound marketing strategy and process as follows: 

1. Day Zero - what happens after we shake hands. 

2. Phase 1 - Our initial due diligence period  (approx 30 days)- often referred to as Phase 1 in our documentation and why it's mandatory for any project work we take on

3. Final Deliverables - The final deliverable of that due diligence period and how it's different from almost all the cookie-cutter proposals you will get after 2 phone calls and a quick site crawl from those inbound imposters. 

4. Phase 2 - The actual initial onboarding of the inbound marketing program. roadmap review and an extensive perform and assist matrix between both parties. 

Client Onboarding - Project Kickoff

At the close of phase 1, after reviewing the 90-day roadmap and both parties decide to move forward as partners during the implementation phase of the 1st 90 days, the official commencement of the client onboarding (aka phase 2) begins. 

During the onboarding phase, there are 4 key areas identified that are core foundational elements to ensure success during the 1st 90 days.  

  • Official Project Kickoff 
  • Buyer Personas & Customer Journey Research
  • HubSpot Setup & Technical Configurations 
  • Content Audit / Content Inventory = Content Compass

The goal of the kickoff meeting is to understand what you (our new client) is hoping to get out of your engagement. a lot of this information should have already been discovered during the sales process, but it’s a good idea to review it now. Determine your business goals (leads, traffic, customers) to be achieved throughout our relationship together. 

Kickoff Meeting Slides Agenda Template - Google Slides 2019-11-02 02-20-58

The following are also a small glimpse of items covered during our initial project kickoff meeting: 

  • Discuss both parties  available resources
  • Understand/review  your target customer
  • Define your customers’ buying process
  • Discuss current marketing activities
  • Cover the technical implementation of Hubspot


Download Our Project Kickoff Template




Download Our Template!

Buyer Personas

Buyer personas, the ideal client profile and customer journeys are all part of what we call the audience framework. 

They all makeup one of the most important elements to research thoroughly and/or validate any documentation created from previous persona workshops. 

Often times we see a tremendous gap when requesting previous persona data during our due diligence process. 

It's a secret weapon of sorts to use within the HubSpot platform and essential during conversion optimization exercises and a successful inbound marketing campaign.



Content Inventory

The process you follow to gather both your sales and marketing content can be laborious and even painful when certain obstacles are presented.

Having a well-documented process and methodology to follow is imperative to a successful outcome. 

We use what's called a content compass, first introduced by the HubSpot marketing team.  We've modified it to fit our offering as well as doing that for all of our customers. 

Download the exact template we use for content audits below. 

Download Our Template!


Technical Setup

Even though the technical setup is inadverntantly at the bottom of the inbound marketing page, it has no bearing on its level of importance during the 1st 90 day onboarding phase. 

We used to have this categorized as a HubSpot Setup & Configuration milestone which has now evolved into a larger umbrella of mandatory technical configurations. 

This category now consists of 3rd party javascript tools, advanced tracking tools, HubSpot API tracking implementation and the all-important setup or reconfiguration of Google Analytics which is almost always lacking about 80 percent of needed data collection configurations. 

Here is a checklist of the exact technical configuration list that we use during our onboarding period with any new project. 

Download Our Template!

Hubspot Setup-1




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