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Focusing on your customer's journey when starting out online and their "user intent" when they visit your site.  Striving to align your content efforts with these two aforementioned elements is a critical component of Inbound Marketing

Your potential customers will naturally be attracted to you and your company by returning to your site on a regular basis essentially thanking you for practicing Inbound Marketing during each buyer stage. 




Ready to put on the cape?

You're about to become the company hero with how epic you are at creating, managing, optimizing your website.  Great ready for that raise and big fat bonus check at the end of the year.


Lead Gen 

Majority of marketers say getting quality inbound leads is their major pain point. 


Audience Framework 

The customer journey and understanding your audience continues to be a pivotal point in the user research process.


Campaign Creation

Successful campaign creation starts with a content compass and inventory for repurposing current content.  

Stages Of The Buyer Journey

Common issues we see when optimizing the buyer's journey




You realize you have a specific problem with SEO and generating more traffic, but you aren't quite sure how to fix it.  

The SEO landscape today is very different than it has been in years past. Knowing the areas of SEO that make the biggest impact are critical given the time restraints on marketers 




Your bottleneck may not be traffic at all and might be more closely related to the quantity and/or the quality of the leads that are converting on your site. 


Don't worry, we know exactly how to fix that issue. 




It's also possible that sales is calling you every 5 minutes (it seems) and complaining about how "all of the leads we get are bad" or something of that nature. 

Regardless of where your bottleneck may be in the process, we can discuss potential issues on our free consultation call and how you might go about fixing those problems individually. 

How We Define Inbound Marketing 

Inbound Marketing to us here at JeremySaid is an end to end solution.  It consists of tactics like SEO for example,  that we perform on a daily basis.

We feel its a methodology that puts our users and customers first and focuses on producing the content they need to make their life better and their job easier.

You often will hear one of us say, "what does our customer do from 7am to 7pm and how can we make any of those daily tasks easier for them". 


The 4 Stages Of Inbound At JeremySaid

  • Strategy & Research
  • Audience Framework Workshop
  • Content Compass & Inventory
  • Campaign Creation & Implementation

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