Conversion Optimization

Work to fulfill the needs of your website's users.

Conversion optimization is a more abstract concept than most marketing professionals understand. True conversion optimization must primarily focus on user experience and the overall customer journey, which is fueled by numerous intrinsic and extrinsic factors affecting individual users. Increasing site and/or page conversions requires a thorough understanding of what causes friction and anxiety for multiple user personas, and working to counter these impediments by instilling trust and ease of use at the funnel level and on individual pages. Our trademarked conversion optimization methodology is based on a structured approach involving statistical analysis, behavioral psychology, and quantitative and qualitative testing. Our tactical assessments and recommended solutions are alway customized according to the needs of not our customers, but their customers.

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Web Analytics

Insight from web analytics requires statistical analysis validated through qualitative analysis.

Web analytics is foundational to every campaign, every platform, basically everything involved with understanding user experience, which is the backbone of conversion optimization. But any analytics manager or digital marketing analyst will eventually come to the point at which all of the data look the same and no longer yield answers. The deeper analysis most e-commerce concerns need requires years of hands-on experience and study to understand the sophisticated relationships between analytics data sets and what they tell us about user behavior and experience.

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A/B Testing

Valid A/B testing is far more complex than the simple either-or choice its name implies.

A/B testing is one component of a broader website testing regime, and is more complex an undertaking than its name implies. Proper A/B testing for actionable results requires identifying campaign goals, developing valid customer personas and user segments, and understanding data substantiation and analysis. While an educated guess will suffice for developing a hypothesis to test, carrying out the test, and interpreting and applying its results requires expertise developed through experience and a scientific mindset.

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Landing Page Optimization

The ongoing pursuit of customer personas and how to inform, assure and guide users to conversions.

Marketing professionals must understand that, although eminently important, landing page optimization is but one conversion optimization tactic, which targets specific pages within specific campaigns. An optimized landing page focuses squarely on fulfilling users’
needs and desires in an environment of ease and trust. Though there are many steps a marketer, developer or designer may take to effect short-term improvements in a landing page’s conversion rate, true landing page optimization is an ongoing pursuit typically addressed after a broader analytical process necessary to develop and validate user personas and behavior profiles.

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