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The Top Failure in Split Testing: Stopping a Test Too Soon

If you’re going to run a race, you should see it through all the way to the finish line. (Image source) Many marketers fail to apply that principle when it comes to split testing. They think their test is complete before they’ve let it run the course. They pull out too soon. They end too ... Read More

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The 12 Most Common Excuses for Not A/B Testing (and Complete Destruction of Each One!)

Look, I know that testing can be a pain … Ever since elementary school you have been bad at testing, with teachers and parents reminding you of your shortcomings at every turn, probably causing severe mental damage that I will have to read about in the comments section. Sigh. But this ain’t your teacher’s testing! You ... Read More

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What We Can Learn about Conversion Optimization from 10 Silicon Valley Unicorns

Unicorns do exist. In Silicon Valley. (Image source) And although investor enthusiasm has cooled, there’s no denying the continued power of unicorns in Silicon Valley. What are the unicorns? Unicorns are the super-high valued startups — those with a valuation exceeding $1 billion, and some that have crested the $10 billion mark (“decacorns”). While some of ... Read More

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