hopping cart abandonment – website visitors stopping just short of buying, and leaving the site – is a fact of e-commerce life. I know it happens to you, maybe a lot. But I can show you how to cut your abandonment rate with the help of my e-book. In it, I discuss fixable issues with your website that are cutting into sales, such as its trust factor, its usability, and surprises it springs on users.

Download this guide today for the definitive discussion of:

  • Why shopping cart abandonment will always be with us.
  • How to inspire shoppers’ trust in your website.
  • How to increase your website’s ease of use for shoppers.
  • What may be wrong with your site’s checkout process – and the line it dare not cross.
  • The totally unnecessary checkout option that shoppers hate.
  • The favor to be earned by offering multiple payment options.
  • Potential problems with coupons and promo codes.
  • and more.