In this e-book, I discuss game-changing landing page optimization tips that will ensure the success of any in-house marketer – including the 7 must-have elements of every landing page. Landing pages are where your marketing program brings customers with hopes of making a conversion. But there’s more your site’s landing page should be doing for you. Download my guide now to learn what that is and how to make it happen.

The pages of this e-book will reveal to you:

  • The three main functions of a landing page, which involve its subject, value proposition, and a call to action.
  • The actual optimization process — steps you can take to produce more conversions.
  • Exactly how to optimize each of the 7 critical elements of a landing page.
  • How to optimize your landing page by meeting users’ emotional needs.
  • How to create a landing page that causes a desired effect in the user.