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At JeremySaid, you don't have to look far to find high quality resources spanning a variety of categories. We've assembled the ultimate collection of ebooks, each one packed with information tailored to the specific needs of the in-house marketing professional. From the secrets of conversion masters to the power of psychology, it is all here. You won't find a better source of free information, full of actionable tips and advice.
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All outcomes are measured by some sort of test – including website performance. Find out the exact elements of your website you should be testing. This guide is a great starter for any in-house marketer who wants to begin to build a testing culture in their company today. Get the E-book
Need help with your Internet marketing? Get it here – and fast. I’ve handpicked the top 200 marketing tools available on the web, and am providing working links to all of them. If you’re an online marketer, here’s how to make your job easier today. Get the E-book
Email works. It’s the easiest and most effective marketing tool at your disposal today. But not all email campaigns are created equal. Find out how get your winning email before customers’ eyes now by downloading your copy of my guide!
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In this dynamic new e-book, I‘ll tell you the game-changing landing page optimization tips that will make any in-house marketer succeed – including the 7 must-have elements of every landing page. Get the E-book