Hire Us

At this point, if you have been on this site long enough, you know it’s not chocked full of sales copy, and that will remain consistent here. I won’t repeat all of our “services” either, because it really comes down to our UVP:


We increase revenue by creating a better overall site experience for your users (or any segment of users).


If you are wondering whether you should call me to help you with conversion optimization, the answer is probably “no.” You should have very little doubt that you want to talk to me before you make a move to get in touch.


When we do take on a client, we get to know the business, their financials, revenue goals, etc., intimately and, for that, have extremely detailed NDA’s. Some even prevent me from using them as a referral, which I am perfectly OK with, but that’s why you might hear me talk about certain work but not see any reference to it on this site.


Our checklist for qualifying clients, which is below, is pretty specific. We know what we are experts at, and that ROI will be immediate upon pulling the covers back.


Most people don’t really want to pick up the phone and get into a conversation about hiring me. We track this stuff and know that 87 percent of you actually want to ask a “quick question.” I love this because it lets me solve problems immediately. Since our target is so defined, I know where most of the problems are on e-commerce sites that are creating revenue leakages.


I know what I want. Do you? I don’t just mean “more money.” I mean, how we are going to live together for the next several months or longer. I want to do something that has real impact and helps.


A JeremySaid client has …

  1. Crazy focus on the user’s experience before anything else.

  1. An E-commerce, SAAS, or Lead Generation type site (typically digital brochures, events or branding type sites don’t fit our revenue growth model) .

  1. Systems in place that track leads & track revenue.


Does that sound like the company you work for? If so, the next step isn’t even a full-blown conversation. Find me on Skype. Send me a message. It’s a quick search in Skype for JeremySaid, and there I am. (We also have a contact page.)


At that point, you can ask me the hardest question possible, and see whether it’s worth your time to pick up the phone and have a longer conversation.


Even if I just fix a quick problem for you, that’s fine. That’s what I am here for. I am here to help.