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A Five-Step Process to Writing a Killer PPC Ad

How To Write A Paid Search Ad Okay, I’m going to talk about PPC ads. I’m going to talk about PPC ads, because this is a really important subject. Think about it. According to Search Engine Watch, most small businesses spend $1,200 month on PPC. Those are just the little guys — those who bidRead More

Posted on October 30, 2014
Landing Page Optimization, Neuromarketing, Web Psychology

Stop Obsessing Over Button Color

What Color Should My Buttons Be? Want to get in an animated discussion with a conversion optimization expert? Start talking about button color. It’s a polarizing and fascinating topic. Some people have very strong opinions on the issue of button color, swearing by their ancestors that only one color boosts conversions. I’ve written on theRead More

Posted on August 21, 2014

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Jeremy writes about conversion optimization, web psychology, and what makes users click in the digital world. He is also a Google Certified trainer and avid online marketer.

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