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The 5 Most Lucrative Skills of a Conversion Optimizer

How To Become A Conversion Optimizer How do you become a kick-ass conversion optimizer? What does it take to roll into town and tear things up? There are CROs who have been doing this for a while. They seem to have a knack for it — cool, calculated, and wickedly skilled at what they do. TheyRead More

1 Comment   ·   Posted on November 6, 2014
Conversion Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, Web Psychology

Want More Conversions? Stop Selling Solutions. Start Selling Benefits.

How To Sell Online Sales has changed in the past few years. It’s changed quite a bit, to be honest. I’ve sold (a heckuvalot) without ever knocking on a door, sticking my foot in said door, or scribbling figures on a legal pad in front of a customer. Advertisers and sales professionals alike have changedRead More

1 Comment   ·   Posted on November 3, 2014
Landing Page Optimization, Web Psychology

The Five Dangerous Expectations of Every Landing Page Visitor

Landing Page Expectations Every single user who visits your website is expecting several things. This could be very good or it could be very bad. It all depends on what the user is expecting. If your landing page does not meet the user’s expectations on some level, then you lose. Your landing page is ineffective.Read More

Posted on October 27, 2014
Conversion Optimization, Landing Page Optimization

A Four-Step Guide to Creating a Powerful Landing Page Personality and Boosting Your Conversions

Landing Page Personality Personality sells. In the world of sales, personality sells. Grinning car salesman with loud shirt patterns know this. A schmoozing corporate salesperson knows this as he hands you a glass of Champagne and invites you to a round of golf at Pine Valley. Personality — in all its multifaceted complexity — is a driverRead More

1 Comment   ·   Posted on October 16, 2014
Landing Page Optimization, Web Psychology

Four Marks of a Killer Pop-up (Plus, Psychological Hacks)

The Keys To A Good Pop-Up This article is like no other pop-up article you’ve ever read. Most articles will give you a few tips on making your pop-up bigger, better, catchier and more awesome. I’m going to do that but I’m also going to go a step beyond. My goal in this article isRead More

Posted on October 9, 2014

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