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The Anchoring Effect: Its Power on Conversion Optimization

The Anchoring Effect Depending on how you’re wired, a term like “anchoring effect” either thrills you or bores you. If you’re among the bored category, please read on for another 5 sentences (approximately 13.53 seconds). I’m speaking directly to you, who are teetering on the brink of boredom: Yes, “anchoring effect” is a psychology term.Read More

Posted on January 19, 2015
Landing Page Optimization, Neuromarketing, Web Psychology

How to Decide on Discounts: The Perceived Value Factor

The Perceived Value Factor “Perceived value” may not sound like the world’s most exciting feature, but it has far-reaching effects. In this article, I’m going to share with you some of the conversion-optimizing power of perceived value and explain how it affects discounting in your online marketing. What is perceived value, and why does itRead More

Posted on January 15, 2015
A/B Testing, Conversion Optimization, Landing Page Optimization

How to Organize a Split Testing Map for the New Year

Split Testing Maps Whenever a New Year rolls around, everyone wants to lose weight, eat right and get organized. Those are great aspirations. I want to help. My goal in this article is to explain how you can achieve greater organization in your split testing. If you’re like a strong percentage of Internet marketers, youRead More

Posted on January 12, 2015
Conversion Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, Neuromarketing, Web Psychology

Powerful Psychological Tactics that Increase User Urgency

Increasing User Urgency Underneath the hood of every high-converting website is a complex psychological landscape. The pixels on the screen, the position of the CTA buttons, the images, the motion, the layout the flow — all of this creates a psychological response in the user. This psychological response, no matter what it is, is oneRead More

Posted on December 18, 2014
Conversion Optimization, Landing Page Optimization

Why Page Load Time Matters for Conversion Optimization

Page Speed And Conversion Optimization When most clients come to me for conversion optimization, I generally do some basic investigation — like checking page load time — and I generally get the same response: “When are we going to do conversion optimization?” “I thought you did conversion optimization. Why are we doing this?” “You know, IRead More

1 Comment   ·   Posted on December 11, 2014

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