Cognitive Bias

Cognitive Bias, Conversion Optimization, Neuromarketing, Web Psychology

Attentional Bias: Your Customers Automatically Prefer What They Already Know

Earlier this year, I gobsmacked readers with an article about 67 Ways to Increase Conversion with Cognitive Biases. It was meant to be a primer about how we all have cognitive biases, which we cannot control and that pretty much drive the way we view the world. It was a good introduction, if I sayRead More

Posted on December 3, 2015
Cognitive Bias, Conversion Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, Neuromarketing, Web Psychology

A Little Clarity on the ‘Ambiguity Effect’ and How to Keep it From Hurting Conversions

Everybody likes a sure thing. Life is easier if you know what’s going to happen next or what you can expect in return for your investment, or for any effort. It just seems fair: If I do this, I know I’ll get that. It’s different when “that” is not well defined. We’re less likely toRead More

Posted on October 22, 2015
Cognitive Bias, Conversion Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, Web Psychology

How to Use the Decoy Effect to Help Buyers Choose the Right Option

The pricing page is one of the most critical pages on your entire website. On your pricing page, the user decides whether she wants to buy your product. This page will shape her entire perception of your product. Your pricing page is where the most important action takes place. How can you help users chooseRead More

1 Comment   ·   Posted on February 5, 2015
Cognitive Bias, Conversion Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, Web Psychology

The Anchoring Effect: Its Power on Conversion Optimization

The Anchoring Effect Depending on how you’re wired, a term like “anchoring effect” either thrills you or bores you. If you’re among the bored category, please read on for another 5 sentences (approximately 13.53 seconds). I’m speaking directly to you, who are teetering on the brink of boredom: Yes, “anchoring effect” is a psychology term.Read More

Posted on January 19, 2015

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