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A/B Testing, Conversion Optimization, Landing Page Optimization

A Full Conversion Analysis of the Word “Free”

I’ve almost had it with the word “free.” Free is such an overused, worn-out, tired and agonizing form of offering just about anything on the planet. It’s not that I’m upset about the word itself. I am, however, concerned that conversion optimizers are slinging around the word with indiscriminate abandon. I want to use thisRead More

1 Comment   ·   Posted on July 23, 2015
A/B Testing, Conversion Optimization

Let’s Talk About Image Sliders and Conversions

Okay kids, today, we’re going to talk about image sliders and conversion rates, otherwise known as World War III! This is one of those areas where conversion optimizers and designers find themselves at variance, and occasionally break out into altercations. On the one hand, you have conversion optimizers who hate sliders and everything related toRead More

3 Comments   ·   Posted on June 4, 2015
A/B Testing, Conversion Optimization

4 Things That Will Kill Your Split Testing

I’m a predictable person. Why? Because I tend to repeat myself. If something is smart, necessary or important, I’m going to continue emphasizing it until I die or until people get it. One such thing is split testing. Split testing is the essence of conversion optimization. A runner can’t run without moving his legs. InRead More

Posted on April 16, 2015
A/B Testing, Conversion Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, Web Psychology

Five Conversion Boosters That You’re Not Using (and Should Be)

For the record, I’m extremely skeptical of any conversion optimization “best practices.” In my opinion, there is no such thing as “best practices” in conversion optimization. There is only rigorous split testing and best practices for your specific site. Anyone who declares a panacea CRO tactic for all sites everywhere is delusional. That sounded harsh.Read More

Posted on February 2, 2015
A/B Testing, Conversion Optimization, Landing Page Optimization

How to Organize a Split Testing Map for the New Year

Split Testing Maps Whenever a New Year rolls around, everyone wants to lose weight, eat right and get organized. Those are great aspirations. I want to help. My goal in this article is to explain how you can achieve greater organization in your split testing. If you’re like a strong percentage of Internet marketers, youRead More

Posted on January 12, 2015

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