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Our Certifications. 


Our HubSpot Certifications


A Little About Our HubSpot Certifications

We know that our HubSpot Certifications wall makes all of our other certifications and awards/accomplishments look like a less than valiant 2nd place effort. 

While we know that's the farthest thing from our reality, indeed the sheer number of HubSpot certifications can seem like there is no light at the end of that tunnel.  Furthermore, they only last for 1 year.  The key is just to spread them out and make sure that they don't all expire in March, much like what has happened to our fearless leader.  There is always a day or two in March every year he disappears with his heads down just so we can all continue to carry the certification wall torch onward. 

One thing we do want to mention about the HubSpot Certifications.  Currently, to date there are 27 certification exams and recently that number has been growing on a weekly basis.  We continue to knock them out as we know about them.  One main advantage is that we've been working with the HubSpot platform since 2012. And these are the kinds of tests where practical real world experience helps tremendously when going through these exams. 

They are broken down below in 3 main categories.  We are calling the Marketing based certifications. Then there are several sales based certifications that have to do with sales enablement and sales & marketing alignment.  Finally, there are a growing number of agency-related certifications that are tremendously helpful in terms of service delivery and continual customer success. 

Without this HubSpot academy at our fingertips, dare we venture to say that we may have struggled much more in the past before we go things right.  This has definitely allowed us to take a practice approach and head off common issues before they ever arise.  We are forever grateful for that HubSpot. 

Feel free to play around with the sorting function below and let us know if you have any questions about any of them.  We'd love to help if we can. 

Our Analytics Certifications 

I am trying to get them from Google.  They are withholding them from me for some reason.  Stay tuned for the wild goose chase of my dern certifications!!!

A Little About Our Analytics Certifications

What I can start out saying here is that there are a bunch more of these guys to get into the analytics certifications areas, it's just a matter of tracking them down (no pun intended)

Stay tuned as we continue to add to this analytics section as it's been the core of our business over the last 10 years. 


2 Agency Tools That Completely Changed How We Serviced Clients


As most inbound agency folks will tell you, we live in a world surrounded by technology that promises to make our professional lives easier from 7 am to 7 pm that is. 

Most digital & inbound marketers live and die by the tools they use on a daily basis. 

These tools become part of our core digital psyche if you will. They allow us to work on tasks in a fraction of the time it would have taken us just a few years back in some cases. 

In some cases, you may even hear colleagues say that without such and such tool every day, they would probably quit and go do something else. 

For us, that's an easy one to point out.  Without question, HubSpot is that core technology platform and set of tools for us that makes all the difference in the world. 

It's no wonder then that spending on marketing automation tools could easily hit 25 billion or more by 2023 (according to Martech Today).  And let me tell you, those guys know tools.  

How many tools do you use on a daily basis to get work done? Any idea or guesses on the average number of technology tools that inbound marketers use daily to meet these deadlines we face? 

Martech also says that the average organization has roughly 91 tools used in their arsenal of marketing technologies.

We are always learning the latest and greatest digital marketing tool so that you don't have to.  At the same time, we love to do so, so don't feel bad for us at all.  

This page is intended to share much of the technologies we use on a daily / weekly basis which we call our tech stack. 

Also, we will share the certifications that we maintain in each area and possibly have some discussions around which certification are necessary regardless of which agency you choose and which ones are a little fluffy at best.  

At the end of the day, we try to stress that whomever you decide to engage with to do your inbound marketing, we'd advise that anyone that's heavily involved in strategy be well suited in these HubSpot certifications.  





All of that said, we couldn't live without HubSpot & Databox and the realtime dashboards it allows us to create for each and every client we deal with.

Also, we'd like to add that each and every B2B leads dashboard is part of the core deliverables on every engagement that we are a part of.  Not only that, but this isn't a template.

This dashboard completely customized depending on your business, sales, and inbound marketing goals.   

We first start by building one for the bosses, possibly even their bosses and then of course for you.  It becomes our single source of truth for measuring leads and sales.

The boss always wants to know what, "what have you done for me lately" and "where are we at on XYZ". 

Instead of scrambling for numbers and data every time. we anticipate those needs during our discovery process and build out these dashboards specifically for those management folks and they update 24/7. 

Don't be surprised if the bosses and executive team leave you alone to get the results needed as they love their shiny new lead gen dashboard toy. 

Not only that, but the love also grows as the figure out how to turn those vanity metrics into questions resulting in actionable insights.  It's a win for everyone. 





A Realtime B2B Leads Dashboard For Your BossesLead Gen Dashboard Example

And what team of executives or bosses doesn't like to see a realtime pipeline performance dashboard of their entire sales & marketing process end to end? Yes, we have that too, just a few clicks away. 

Databox 2020-03-21 22-23-12

If you are interested in scheduling a quick demo, we'd be happy to show you how to do this with your own data. 

It's that easy and usually takes less than 30 minutes 

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