Jeremy Smith

Digital marketing expert and conversion optimization consultant.

About Jeremy Smith

Meet Jeremy Smith: Digital marketing expert and conversion optimization consultant.

I’m a high-reaching achiever when numbers clearly illustrate the outcome. At the same time, I’m so curious about people that, if money were no object, I’d travel the world and train my ear on different Spanish accents so I could identify each of them anytime. (I’d be a walking database of useless knowledge, but it would be fun).

I figure it’s this odd combination of qualities that makes me good at what I do, which draws heavily on an understanding of patterns and people. I’m a digital marketing consultant. I’m a digital marketing consultant. I teach marketing teams and others to:

  • Mine their websites and social networks for user demographics, psychographics, and online actions or “events” (people)
  • Find meaningful data patterns that help them understand how users behave online (patterns)
  • Create a marketing strategy that has the best chance of influencing potential customers to sign up, subscribe, call, or buy (goal!).

Sometimes my team and I also execute strategies in conjunction with our customers, implementing anything from search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search to conversion optimization and landing page testing.

For marketers who want a less intense, yet still individualized, hands-on experience, I travel the country teaching three-day boot camps on Google Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Conversion Optimization. Participants have described these classes as “extremely valuable to our website promotion and online marketing efforts,” me as “a very polished and professional instructor,” and my teaching style as “very easy to follow.”

And whether it’s training or consulting, clients refer to my ideas as “creative,” yet “scientific.”

It’s another odd combination I live by. Perhaps because, as someone who enjoys playing football (including the fantasy kind) as much as he does dancing the cha-cha and the shag, I’ve learned not to rely too much on stereotypes. They’re fine as frameworks, but you have to spend enough time with people before you can predict with some accuracy – more so influence – how they’ll react to one good word or slight.

That’s why I don’t dispense subjective recommendations based on what’s “typical” or “standard.” Any advice I give, whether to startups pulling themselves up by the bootstraps or to Fortune 500 companies trying to decide how to best spend millions of dollars, I make sure there’s  data from their own experience to back it up.

For any business, there’s way too much money and credibility at stake to rely on a consultant’s “gut.” I pride myself on being a creative and critical thinker, but I don’t pull ideas out of a hat. I produce consistently useful stuff because I consistently mine, analyze, brainstorm, test, and track.

A bit about my background …

I have a double degree in Business Administration and Spanish with a focus on Information Systems from East Carolina University in Greenville, N.C. I also attended Universidad de las Americas in Puebla, Mexico, for a year to study Business and Spanish. I obviously like being on the frontlines of processes that make businesses money. But exploring the world and getting to know people of different cultures has also taught me to listen and raise my head above the noise.

Since getting my degree, I’ve created, nurtured, and sold two highly profitable companies. When social media exploded into the marketing space several years ago, I decided to train and consult, thus leveraging my deep digital marketing proficiency and my passion for making connections.

That’s it about me. Now, tell me about you!

Are your digital marketing campaigns bringing your company all the leads and sales it wants – with revenues growing significantly over time? Or are your websites stagnant, your social media networks bypassed, and your mobile marketing strategy still nonexistent?

Chances are, all of your campaigns can be making more money for you.

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