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Meet Jeremy

A veteran B2B & SaaS digital analytics marketer.  Jeremy has helped hundreds of companies sort through Google Analytics & their digital landscape.

THE RESULT  -  massive increases in quality traffic, creating more targeted leads and sales opportunities while using his background in behavioral psychology and conversion optimization to create better leads that generate more sales for his customers. 



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Thanks for stopping by my about page. Over the years data has shown us that an about page is usually the top clicked link / visited page on your site from users that are currently on your site.  

It supports the saying that people want to do business with those they know, like and trust. More often than not, I've seen the about page be the 2nd page in a conversion funnel at the bottom of a buyer's journey.  The take away is that we should be spending a little more time continually updating our website's about presence. 

So here is a little info about me. Also, I hope you enjoy the infographic to the right or below depending on your device.  It's a piece of content that everyone talks to me about when face to face. 

When people ask what I do, the answer that resonates with everyone goes something like this: 

I am a Marketing Technologists & Digital Problem Solver. 

On any given day, its 50 percent marketing, 50 percent technology and 30 percent stuff I've never seen before and not even sure how to properly categorize. Yes, that's a total of 130 percent.

That's a great segway into my passion for data. helping to figure out the most difficult problems. The reality is, things never add up to 100 percent. 







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