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What does Inbound Marketing for IT Professionals Mean? 

Anyone that's marketed any product or service to IT Professionals understands from developers to management or even C Suite, IT Professionals tend to cross their T's and dot their I's more often than not. 

Generally speaking, most professionals in any technical industry or niche love data. They love and need specifics in order to make a decision.  It's a crucial part of their customer journey and overall core behavior in their decision-making process. 

it just so happens, we love data too.  At the end of the day, our core differentiation is that we are marketing technologists. 

On any given day that could mean 50% marketing, 50% technology and 200% problem solver.  I.T. Professionals will definitely relate with the last part of that sentence and you probably won't hear any IT Professional say that "well that doesn't add up to 100 percent!"

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What Main Characteristic do Both Teams Have in Common? 

The 1st and arguably one of the most agreed-upon common personality trait (or flaw depending on how you look at it) is that IT Professionals and Marketing Technologists share a tremendous love for technology. 

Our motivations to help others and go the extra mile to fix the impossible stems from the common characteristic of being technologists.  An insatiable curiosity to figure things out because deep down we believe we can is a core part of our DNA. 

For some that may be their tech devices. Others possibly AI or the internet of things. 

For others (looking in the mirror)  love of digital tools that makes our bosses lives easier and helps automate otherwise manual process hits very close to home. 

IT Professionals, much like marketing technologists are problem solvers. Many might venture to say that IT professionals are some of the best problem solvers on the planet. Many problems that all technologists encounter are oftentimes issues that have never before been seen and need a very different type of tri-age in order to find the solution. 

Google Search Statistics - Internet Live Stats 2019-11-03 18-02-53


This is easily validated by the fact that according to internet live stats, the percent of brand new never seen before searches every day is somewhere in the range of 16 to 20%.  Take a quick second and check out this site by clicking the link or the image.  The information is astounding. 

The best thing about continually being around and speaking with all levels of IT professionals and technologists is the mindset of technologists tends to fit very well when dealing with Inbound Methodologies. 

As great as an overall platform that HubSpot is, it's not a complete replacement for your Inbound campaigns. The best inbound implementations take a team of marketing technologists, marketing strategists and a continually growing level of trust by our IT professional partners as we execute as 1 cohesive technical team. 



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In God, Google & IT Professionals We Trust. Everyone else, bring F^&**( data. 



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