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How We Doubled Site Traffic In 3 Months, With No New Content

Is Content Still King? I recently did something that I felt was very scary, borderline stupid, and dangerously risky. I stopped publishing new content. Not to long ago, I was pushing out a ton of content on a weekly basis. It took a lot of time, effort, and money. And I did it because, well, ... Read More

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Search Console in Google Analytics

Three Important Questions You Can Answer In The Search Console Reports Understanding your users’ behavior is key to a successful online marketing strategy. It’s not just a key, it’s THE key. It’s the one of the  most important things you can do as a digital marketer. When I work with clients, 90 percent of the ... Read More

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The Top Failure in Split Testing: Stopping a Test Too Soon

If you’re going to run a race, you should see it through all the way to the finish line. (Image source) Many marketers fail to apply that principle when it comes to split testing. They think their test is complete before they’ve let it run the course. They pull out too soon. They end too ... Read More

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