The Social Self: How to Use Social Media to Satisfy the Primal Need for Connection (and Score More Conversions)
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5 Aspects of a Buying Experience You Can't Control

Most conversion optimizers I know aren’t intensely interested in social media. Sure, they dink around on it. They add plugins here and there. They’re aware of social proof. They use it. But when it comes down to it, “Social is for the social media team, but we deal with conversion optimization.” I

Loyalty programs are awesome, but only if they work. Many online retailers have tried and failed to create a loyalty program, either because there was no interest or because the loyalty program was cumbersome to maintain. Many ecommerce retailers gain major benefits from loyal customers. reports that their clients gain an average

Many times, marketers spend their time trying to push against a wall that is fixed and immovable. They throw effort, time, resources, money and personnel into a lost cause. What happens as a result is that they lose out on other qualitative site improvements that could make a profound positive impact


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