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Conversion Optimization Strategies

Conversion Optimization

Your primary goal as an in-house digital marketer is increasing conversions and thereby growing revenue. Our primary goal is to make sure your site is optimized to attract the customers you seek and make it easy for them to convert. We’re all about user experience and the overall customer journey. When a website and the marketing channels that feed it are optimized, they provide a user experience that is faster and simpler, and that generates more trust. We aim to reduce friction and anxiety, which harm conversion rates, while increasing positive emotion and trust throughout your online marketing campaign. We are able to do this for you through expert interpretation of your analytics data, modeling of customer personas and journeys, and iterative testing.

Data Analysis

The conversion optimization recommendations we make to you will be supported by insights gleaned directly from your site’s analytics data. We conduct quantitative (measurable) and qualitative (observational) analysis of your data, which allows us to formulate advanced testing strategies required to obtain more and/or more valuable information. We work to find out not just what users are doing on your site, but why they click, why they buy and, equally important, why they don’t. From there, we can begin to understand what needs to be changed vs. what needs to be tested, which ultimately leads to measurable increases in conversion rates.

A/B Testing

Determining user preference through A/B testing is a foundational element of conversion optimization. We employ agile testing strategies and methodologies that return valid, actionable results. We run A/B and multivariate tests as part of our conversion optimization services, and we can train you to conduct your own A/B tests, as well as to understand and apply the data derived from testing.

User Experience (UX)

An unhappy customer is unlikely to buy what you’re selling. Our analysis of your site’s analytics data will help us develop your customer persona and create a customer journey free of friction points and bias factors. Text, images, design and function throughout your marketing campaign must instill desire and impart clarity, ease of use, value and credibility if you are to make the sale.

Landing Page Optimization

Landing pages are the No. 1 location for conversions and often the best place to apply changes for conversion optimization. We optimize landing pages for each client’s unique customer persona, through data analysis and testing. When we know who your customers are and what they want, we’ll be ready to create landing pages with easily accessed conversion opportunities for your site’s visitors.

Channel Optimization

Beyond your website, every channel must deliver – PPC, paid search, email, social media, etc. The data will show us your producers and your problems, and we’ll recommend changes in your ad spend accordingly. Where a channel can be profitable for you, we’ll show you how to make sure it is.

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