Using the Psychology of Surprise to Increase Your Conversion Rate
Why Segmentation Is the Secret to Any A/B Testing Strategy
11 Psychological Barriers Hurting Your Landing Page Conversions

Surprise is totally underrated in today’s ecommerce world. In much of my research, investigation, and trolling of my industries newsletters, pundits, blog articles, and expert advice, I have seldom seen anyone talk about the psychology of surprise. It’s rather surprising, really. I wrote this article to help fill that void, and to introduce

There are two things I want to convince you of in this article: 1) You need to do segmentation. 2) You need to A/B test. In that order. I could stop the article at this point, and let you go do those two awesome things. However, I think a bit of explanation is in

We don’t often think about the things on our site that could be a huge turnoff. Most of the time we’re optimizing this, tweaking that, and testing the other, but we don’t realize that our site might have latent psychological barriers that turn users away and affecting our landing page


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