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We’ve finally arrived at the most wonderful time of the year. But to some ecommerce professionals, the holiday season is a time of terror. They’re caught up in the frenetic work of filling orders, handling customer requests, putting out fires, trying to market their socks off, and somehow enjoy the celebratory

In the CRO world “shopping cart abandonment” is the big hairy monster… the Abominable Snowman Bigfoot the Yeti Chupacabra Sasquatch the Loch Ness Monster Hydra Kraken Rakshasa It’s one of the most fearsome things ever to haunt the dream of ecommerce professionals, corporate marketers, and conversion rate optimizers. Basically, shopping cart abandonment is the incarnation of all evil. Shopping cart abandonment

Writing landing pages is like no other skill on the planet. It’s a mashup of other skills:  master salesperson, UX designer, copywriter, conversion optimizer, SEO, psychologist, sales analyst, marketing researcher, and circus entertainer. That’s a lot of skills to pack into writing a single landing page. (And I’m pretty certain about


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